How to assess the value of a parking lot or garage

How to assess the value of a parking lot or garage

Club of Investor in Parking lots and Garages offers you a free table to analyse and evaluate a parking lot before buying, the idea is to take advantage of the experiences of our members to prepare the visit of a property. If you have not yet received this table, I invite you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to receive it as a welcome gift.

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We used the 330 locations of our community members to test and validate our indicator.

Analysis of your score obtained with the table thanks to the barometer :

Barometer is higher than 70

The location you are looking for has received a very good rating, all the most important criteria seem to be met: geographical location, safety, age, profitability and ease of resale. Don’t miss your chance this type of property is very, very rare on the market, go for it!

Barometer is between 40 and 69

The indicator turns green, the location you have located seems appropriate. You must analyse in detail all the weak points of this property (geographical situation, security, age, profitability and ease of resale) in order to insist on them during the negotiation phase with the seller. Discover some examples of parking lots that have obtained this rating :

Photos lot de 80 garages
Rating : 56
garages a tarbes mini
Rating : 54
vente parking redon mini
Rating : 53
garages a roanne mini
Rating : 51
garage a lyon mini
Rating : 49
place parking champs sur marne
Rating : 47
parking a riorges mini
Rating : 46
parking moto a paris
Rating : 45
parking a vendre place des lilas
Rating : 45
garage a riorges mini
Rating : 44
lot parkings perpignan
Rating : 41
lot de 14 garages la valeur du marche
Rating : 41
places de parking paris
Rating : 40

Barometer is between 20 and 39

Geographical location is the most important criterion for buying a car park or garage that pays. If you have obtained a score below 40 we advise you not to waste too much time with this property unless the price is very attractive. Discover some examples of parking lots that have obtained this rating :

garages epinay mini
Rating : 39
Hivernage Dammartin mini
Rating : 38
lot garages Pontoise
Rating : 38
Lot de garages à Décines-Charpieu
Rating : 34
deux parkings montreuil
Rating : 34

place parking montgeron
Rating : 33
photos box souterrain paris
Rating : 32
garage urgemment a vendre
Rating : 25

Barometer is less than 20

The parking space or garage you are looking for has received a bad rating, we strongly recommend that you flee this property. Many criteria make this investment a very high-risk real estate investment…. Discover some examples of parking lots that have obtained this rating :

lot garages a eviter
Rating : 18
garage a eviter
Rating : 15
photos box a vendre paris
Rating : 11
parking a eviter
Rating : 11

Contribute to the improvement of our indicator :

Our indicator for evaluating site value is constantly evolving, feel free to share the results of your analyses to help the community. Send us photos and the score obtained on a parking lot and discuss your project with the team.

Evaluate the sale price of a property :

Now that you have obtained an analysis score, you need to get down to business and analyze the selling price. We provide you with our map of real estate prices for car parks and garages, our price analyses in three major cities, as well as our studies on the evolution of prices and rents since 2010… You can access all this information by clicking here.

The last step is to negotiate to find the right price :

You have identified a profitable asset, you must move on to the next step: the negotiation phase. Thanks to this table, you have all the cards in hand to discuss with the seller. To help you succeed in your investment, we have set up a platform for exchanges between our members, so take advantage of their experience as investors by joining our club.