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Landlords, the community is here to help you rent well and simplify your rental management while boosting your profitability.

Benefits of the club

Finding serious tenants

Learn from the experience of others to create a strategy and select good tenants.

Putting the law on your side

You will no longer be alone to face problems with your tenants.

Manage alone

Use our online rental management and accounting module.

Sample letters and documents

Validated by experts to realize your rental management in total autonomy.

Boost your rental income

Discover strategies and business modeles that work to boost your rental income.

Tax optimization

Discover the tax optimizations offered by the real estate niche thanks to our experts.

Community of lessors

Get valuable tips for successful rental management and boosting your income.


You are guided to find good tenants and manage your property alone.

⚠️ Beware of scams 📢

A private individual pointed out to us an inconsistency between the compulsory ten-year insurance offered by certain companies for the transformation of parking spaces into closed boxes.
Discover our detailed survey as well as legal advice to avoid the traps of malicious sellers. If you have any doubts: ask the community. Read more…