Real estate investor

Whether you are a first-time buyer or an investor, the community is there to advise you from the search for a property to the signing at the notary’s office.

Benefits of the club

Strategies and business models

Discover the strategies our members use to make money. You can even copy their business models and start to make money !


Reassure yourself with our barometer to evaluate the value of a property.

Find the right deals

Follow our methods to find the ideal property to make your project a reality and obtain good rental income.


Save time to calculate the profitability and cash flow of a project with our tools.


Use the tips of other investors to negotiate the purchase price of the property and then your bank loan to finance your project.

Investing with peace of mind

Benefit from the experience of a community to avoid traps and scams.

Community of investors

Get valuable advice on how to make your rental investments a success thanks to the feedback from members.


You are guided to succeed in the whole process of buying your property.

⚠️ Beware of scams 📢

There are currently many parking space scams, our community was the first to raise the alarm.
Discover our detailed investigation as well as the advice of lawyers to avoid the traps of malicious sellers. If you have any doubts: ask the community your questions. Read more…