Who are we ?

The only community of private individuals specialized in the real estate of car park, garage, cellar, furniture storage and commercial premises !

Founded on January 5, 2013, the Club d’Investisseurs dans les Parkings et les Garages (CIPG) helps individuals to invest in the parking property niche (car park, garage, cellar, box, warehouse, shed, storage space, premises, etc…). We support first-time buyers and develop a community of owners free of the professionals of the sector. Based on a totally unique concept. Mutual assistance and sharing of experiences thanks to the different professional backgrounds of the members (law, finance, commerce, industry, etc…). The experiences and motivated opinions of all are important to move forward, exchange and learn from each other. The aim of this platform is to provide members with a wide range of tools. We create relationships between people wishing to invest in car parks and garages and those who are already owner-donors.

Who’s hiding behind the club, discover our team

The Parking and Garage Investors Club (PGI) is made up of a small team of 15 volunteers. We are all salaried employees of companies and we animate the life of the club during our free time, in our spare time. The real estate niche has become a real passion for the team. Disappointed by the false promises, the expensive real estate trainings and the good talkers… We decided to create our own exchange platform to accompany individuals and exchange on our passion. Why give time to the club ? This question comes up very often, each member of the team will tell you that the experience gained by helping others allows you to capitalize for yourself. You want to join the team, contact us !

Logo équipe blog CIPG

The blog team

Composed of 4 volunteer members

Team members write the articles and answer your questions. An editor supervises the work.

Logo équipe forum CIPG

The forum team

Composed of 3 volunteer members

Team members organize and facilitate our community forum. A moderator oversees the proceedings.

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The rental team

Composed of 2 volunteer members

Team members help landlords manage their rentals. They answer tenants’ questions and manage ads.

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The administrative team

Composed of 2 volunteer members

Team members are responsible for the administrative management and creation of documents for club members.


The webmaster

He is responsible for the website and ensures the smooth running of our exchange platform. He designs and develops the future modules that will help members.


Community manager

She is responsible for our communication on social networks.


The moderator

It monitors comments, classified ads and comments left on our site and especially on our forum. Do not hesitate to contact him to report abuse.

Membre fondateur CIPG


Christopher, founder of the club

The manager ensures cross-functionality between the different teams. He or she is the guarantor of the cohesion and development of our community.

How’s it work ?

I’m new to real estate and I have a lot of questions

You are certainly looking for a complementary source of income that doesn’t require too much effort. A profitable investment with a low upfront investment. All the team members have stumbled upon the niche real estate market of car parks, garages, cellars, warehouses, sheds, commercial premises, etc… Good car parks and garages give the best returns on investment on the market. They allow you to generate alternative income; to build up your assets in order to prepare your retirement or to pass them on to your children. Discover all the advantages of this niche and the most common misconceptions by clicking on this link.

For fear of making a mistake, losing money or not being up to the task of managing a tenant; many people are afraid to invest. Buying a parking lot can sometimes be complicated. These fears are perfectly understandable since all the investor members of our club have been through it . Our club provides you with answers and advice adapted to each step you need to take in order to accompany you serenely in your investment.

➡ You will start your adventure with the training to buy my first properties. To learn how to find the right deals by alternating advice and exercises. Investor reports and concrete case studies will help you discover the French, Parisian and provincial markets. The community will share with you their tips to master this niche real estate sector. You will discover the profiles of more than 300 investors ; to understand and stand out from the competition born from the parking trend phenomenon. You will be able to participate in webinars to exchange in videoconference with other members on your real estate search. The forum will also allow you to get the opinion of other members before buying a parking lot, to share your experiences, your fears, etc…

You will have understood it, your accompaniment is without limit from the research to the signature at the notary’s office, it will adapt to your expectations thanks to the community! Once you have bought your first car park or garage, your accompaniment will automatically evolve towards the owner level.

If you wish to become a homeowner in the coming months, we recommend that you choose the Premium ✨ membership status. This formula offers you a very complete support thanks to the monthly telephone follow-up with an expert who is already an owner. Bonus content completes your training and gives you the tips that the best investors use.

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Step 1

Join the club

Only 4 € per month, I’m going for it !

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Step 2

Understanding the niche

Take our online training

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Step 3

Find a good deal

Our tools will help you

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Step 4

Investing in real estate

Make your first investment a success

Already a landlord, I want to boost my rental income and manage on my own.

➡ You’ll start your adventure by training to boost my rental yields. To learn how to make more money and boost your profitability. We will help you calculate your return on investment to find areas for improvement; thanks to the knowledge and experience of our members. Submit, modify your ads to rent and discover the tips that allow community members to rent their locations well.

Thanks to the community, your properties will be referenced on the internet to increase your chances to rent quickly. You will be able to use all our templates for letters, leases, emails and documents and ask our team to create new ones. You will be able to take part in webinars to exchange by videoconference with other owners and get valuable advice. The forum will also allow you to obtain the opinions of other members to improve your daily rental management and reduce your taxes. The club’s annual dues are deductible from your property income taxes if you are under the real estate tax system.

As you will have understood, your accompaniment is without limit. From the search for tenants to tips to boost your income, adapting to your expectations ! Once you have boosted your rental income, your support will automatically evolve to the expert level in order to diversify your assets.

If you own more than one property, we recommend that you choose the Premium ✨ membership status. This formula offers you a very complete support thanks to the monthly telephone follow-up with an expert who is already an owner. Bonus content completes your training and gives you the tips that the best landlords use.

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Step 1

Join the club

Only 4 € per month, I’m going for it !

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Step 2

Referencing my properties

Add your property for rent

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Step 3

Boost your yields

Our tips to boost your income

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Step 4

Manage online

Online rental management

Experienced investor, increase your real estate assets

➡ If you wish to expand your real estate portfolio in the coming months, we recommend that you choose the Premium ✨ membership status. You will start your adventure with the diversify my assets training to learn how to get out of your usual business model. Discover the different strategies that members use and develop other business models. Different modules will bring elements of reflection to improve your income and your taxation. You will be able to take part in webinars to exchange via videoconference with other investors and get valuable advice. The forum will also allow you to obtain the opinions of other members to boost your sources of income. The club’s annual dues are deductible from your property income taxes if you are under the real estate tax system.

Once you’re a contractor who owns several profitable locations. You will be able to develop other strategies to make even more money; the only limit will be the one you set !

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Step 1

Join the club

Only 8 € per month, I’m going for it !

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Step 2

Manage online

Save time on a daily basis

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Step 3

Diversify your assets

Discover other business models

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Step 4

Buy in bulk

Invest massively in the niche

I want to sell a property

➡ We recommend that you choose member status to offer your property to investors in the community. Give incomparable visibility to your property on the site specialized in the real estate niche by creating a presentation article readable by all readers. You can exchange directly with the investors present within the club and thus sell your property easily and free of charge!

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Step 1

Join the club

Only 4 € per month, I’m going for it !

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Step 2

Referencing my properties

Add your properties for sale

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Step 3

Exchanging with investors

Get vive advisories

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Step 4

Sell free of charge

Sell your property free of charge

The community accompanies you every step of the way

An owner alone will never have enough distance to face all situations… It is the exchange and sharing of experiences that is our real strength. A good investment, real estate or financial, must be profitable in order to reach your goals. My wish is to bring you elements of reflection to help you to invest. I invite you to keep a critical eye to make the best decision according to your personal situation!

Christopher, CEO of investor club
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Download tools to calculate the profitability of a parking lot. To find the right deal and get rich with car parks, become an investor…


Use our tools to advertise your property and select a future tenant… You collect your rent directly, we do not take any commissions.

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Manage alone

At your disposal tools to establish a secure rental lease. In order to maintain your site, defend yourself against a bad payer, administration…

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Making money

We provide you with tools to increase your rental income. To divide a parking space, box a car park, reduce all your charges and expenses…

rubrique fiscalité


At your disposal tools to pay less taxes. In order to pass on the charges to your tenants by choosing your tax system (company set-up, etc…)

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Follow our method to find the right selling price and help you complete all the documents for the sale. We do not take commissions.

Club membership, why do I have to pay a membership fee?

Our goal is to facilitate the sharing of experiences between investors, landlords and property sellers. The real estate niche of parking lots, garages, boxes, warehouses, sheds, industrial and commercial premises can make the unsuspecting lose a lot of money. The exchange platform is constantly evolving to help you quickly find the right information from the experience of others. You will save precious time towards the creation of additional passive income by learning from the mistakes, methods or successes of others.

The platform contains many strategies and tips that are not well known to everyone. Everything remains hidden to optimize your chances of success and to thwart the curiosity of your tenants. In addition, the membership fee of each member contributes to the operating costs of the website, forum, exchange platform and the development of new modules. The objective of our club is to provide its members with adapted help and advice. Our main objective: to help you succeed in your investments in the real estate niche sector.

Finally, charging a membership fee allows us to keep only the most motivated people in our community. Waste of time is the worst enemy of any investor or landlord. It’s proven, paying a membership fee involves and engages people. Being a member gives you access to a qualitative knowledge base.

What happens to your money ?

Do you know of many clubs or associations that reinvest all the money they raise in order to satisfy their members? This is the very principle desired by Christophe, the club manager. The community brings so many tricks to generate and boost our passive income that there is no interest in remunerating team members who remain volunteers. Your money benefits the community, every contribution is reinvested. To finance our club’s operating costs, member support and development.

What happens to my membership fee

We grant 82% of the total amount of the contributions to support members of the investment community. This common pot allows us to help members according to their needs. By creating new content to better advise you. If necessary by calling on real estate professionals (chartered accountant, notary, lawyer, etc…) to validate our articles and documents.

8% of the total amount of contributions goes towards the development of our investor community. By selecting different advertising axes to make our club better known. We must maintain a constant growth to feed the platform of exchanges with new subjects.

We use 10% of the total membership fee to cover the operating costs of our investor community. This part includes the expenses related to the hosting costs of our website, forum, classified ads and exchange platform.

The community has grown well over the years

Oct 2012

Christopher discovers the real estate niche

Purchase of 5 covered car parks for 4 000 € including notary fees !

Jan 2013

💡 Creation of the club and the exchange platform

Arrival of the first investors in the club.

Fév 2015

The hard core of the club is here !

👥 107 member owners of 🅿 411 locations.

Août 2018

Redesign of the site and the exchange platform

Christopher reinvests all the contributions to improve the site.

Sep 2019

The community is getting huge !

👥 2,000 member-owners of 🅿 1,300 locations.

Déc 2020

The club opens up to the world

🌎 The exchange platform becomes multilingual.

Discovery of the real estate niche

It was in 2012 that Christopher had the opportunity to invest in 5 parking spaces. Spaces located in the covered car park of a small residence.

Birth of the club

Often on business trips, Christopher had to find a way to answer his tenants’ basic questions; and to communicate seriously with them. The idea of creating a website to make this link between tenants and landlord was born. Quickly, Christopher was solicited and joined by Terry, owner of a garage. Then Maria wanted to start a wintering activity for motorhomes and caravans in her farm. Other people joined the hard core of the club : Oliver, Tony, Valery…

For 2 years, its pillar members have spent a lot of time boosting their rental profitability and buying other locations to build up a strong experience.

Birth of the club

Over the years, new meetings with investors have helped the club grow ; diversify the experience and therefore expand the topics published on the site. At the beginning of 2015, we experienced a decisive turning point with the multiplication by 5 of the number of members passing the symbolic 100 member bar. Thus propelling our community to the forefront with a cumulative experience of 411 parking spaces. Christopher, the club’s manager, decided in August 2018 to reinvest the entire membership fees to redesign the site and the exchange platform..

Christophe, the club’s manager, decided in August 2018 to reinvest all the members’ dues to redesign the site and the exchange platform. The effect of this improvement on our club has been great, we have seen the number of members explode to reach 2,000 members in September 2019 with a cumulative experience of more than 1,300 properties for rent.

At the end of 2020, our club opens up to the world to welcome new members. This arrival of new faces will open up great international opportunities.

Today, we represent a community of over 3,000 investor and landlord members active in this niche real estate market. Our club has quickly become the reference in the field with the profitability of each of our members’ locations ranging from 6 to 36% gross. We master many techniques to boost returns and generate consistent passive income for our members.

Success stories from some members of the community

Membre fondateur CIPG

Christopher is a founding member of the Club of Investor in Parking lots and Garages (CIPG), this sales engineer in his thirties arrived in the parking niche by chance after a bad experience with rental real estate for housing. He began his investments in parking in 2012 with the purchase of a lot of 5 parking spaces. This jack-of-all-trades loves to diversify his investments, he has since bought several garages, taken out an emphyteutic lease and created a company. He has acquired a warehouse and launched a furniture storage business, winter storage of camper vans, caravans and vintage vehicles.


Oliver, after engineering studies and an MBA abroad, is now marketing manager in the industry. He has been interested in Parisian real estate for about twenty years ; after starting with apartments and especially maids’ rooms. He acquired his first lot of 5 car parks 5 years ago. Following this first successful investment in car parks, he has multiplied his investments in car parks by concentrating on basement sites located in big city. The car parks represent an axis of diversification that allows the leverage effect of credit thanks to the purchase in lots. It particularly appreciates the high yield, the absence of work to be carried out, the lower risk of non-payment and the decorrelation between the price trends of car parks and housing.

Are you part of our community of over 3,000 investors and landlords ?