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About us

The private individual community specialized in parking lots, garages and storage !

Founded on january 2013, the Club of Investors in Parking lots and Garages (CIPG) has been helping individuals to invest in real estate (car park, garages, boxes, warehouses, storage, …) for 7 years. We support first-time buyers and develop a community of owners freed from the professionals of the sector. Based on a totally unique concept : mutual assistance and the sharing of experiences thanks to the different professional horizons of the members (law, finance, commerce, industry, etc…). The experiences and reasoned opinions of all are important for moving forward, invest, exchanging and learning from each other. The objective of this platform is to provide members with many communication tools. We create relationships between people who want to invest in car parks and garages and those who already own them.

The community has grown up over the years :

In 2012, Christopher had the opportunity to invest in 5 parking spaces, often in business travel, he had to find a way to answer his tenants’ basic questions and communicate seriously with them. The idea of creating a website to make this link between tenants and landlord was born. Christopher was quickly approached and joined by Tony, owner of a garage, then Ana, who wanted to start a motorhome and caravan wintering activity on his farm. For 2 years, its anchor members have spent a lot of time boosting their rental profitability and buying other car parks to build up a strong experience.

Over the years, new meetings with investors have made the community grow, diversify the experience and consequently expand the topics published on the site. It was at the beginning of 2015 that we experienced a decisive turning point with the 5-fold increase in the number of members, propelling our community to the forefront with a cumulative experience of 189 parking spaces. Christophe, the club’s manager, decided in August 2018 to reinvest all the members’ contributions to redesign the site and the exchange platform.

Today, we are a community of more than a hundred investor members active in this niche real estate market. Our club has quickly become the reference in the field with a cumulative fleet of 432 parking spaces located almost everywhere in the United States, in Europe and even on France area. With the profitability of each car park varying from 6 to 36% gross, we master many techniques to boost yields and generate constant passive income for our members.

évolution de la communauté du club d'investisseurs

Why invest in parking lots ?

You are certainly looking for an additional source of income that does not require too much effort. A profitable investment with a low upfront investment. Good parking and garages give the best return on investment on the market. They allow you to generate alternative income and build up your assets in order to prepare for your retirement or to pass it on to your children. Discover all the advantages of this niche and the most misconceptions by clicking on this link.

For fear of making mistakes, losing money or not being able to manage a tenant; many people are afraid to invest. Buying a car park can sometimes be complicated. These fears are perfectly understandable since all the investor members of our club have been through this… Our community provides you with answers and advice adapted to each step to be taken in order to support you serenely in your investment.

The community accompanies you every step of the invest way :


Save time and learn to spot good deals from the beginning !

We provide you with tools to assess the value of a property. In order to carry out a sector study, understand the rental market, ask the right questions during visits…


Learn how to invest in parking lots ! Create an asset that is very easy to manage.

We provide you with tools to calculate the profitability of a parking lot. To find the right deal and enrich yourself with parking lots, become an investor…


Finding a good tenant is essential, learn to select it well !

We provide you with tools to make your car park known. To make advertisements, respond to requests, select a future tenant… You collect your rents directly, we do not take commissions.


The daily rental management must not be neglected!

We provide you with tools to establish a secure lease. In order to maintain your site, defend yourself against a bad payer, administration…/p>


Learn how to boost the profitability of your parking space!

We provide you with tools to increase your rental income. To divide a parking space, box a parking space, reduce all your costs and expenses…


A poorly completed tax return will melt your gain…

We provide you with tools to save taxes. In order to pass on the charges to your tenants by choosing your tax regime (civil real estate company, etc…)


Sell your car park and/or garage as quickly as possible and without losing any money!

We provide you with tools to estimate the market value. To find the right selling price and help you fill out all the documents for the sale…. Receive the money directly from the sale, we do not take commissions.

Who can join our community ?

Our community is open to everyone, whether you are curious about finding a placement. If you are a first-time visitor, we will allow you to earn money when looking for a parking space to buy. If you already own a car park or a lot of several spaces, we will help you to optimize your profitability. There are no country restrictions, we accept members from all countries ; but we must inform you that most of the internal discussions within our forum are conducted in English or French.

Your support if you are a novice in car park real estate:

➡ You will start your adventure with our training (e-learning) to buy my first car parks to learn how to find the right deals by alternating advice and exercises. About ten investor reports and concrete case studies will introduce you to the French, capital city and provincial markets. The community will share with you their tips for mastering this niche real estate sector. You will discover the profiles of more than 300 investors to understand and differentiate yourself from the competition born following the phenomenon of car park fashion. You will be able to participate in webinars to discuss your real estate search via videoconference with other members. The forum will also allow you to get the opinion of other members before buying a car park, to share your experiences, your fears, etc….

As you will have understood, your support is unlimited from the search to the signature at the notary’s office, it will adapt to your expectations thanks to the community! Once you have purchased your first car park or garage, your support will automatically evolve to the owner level.

Your personalized support if you are already a car park owner :

➡ You will start your adventure with training (e-learning) how to earn more money and boost your profitability. We will help you calculate your return on investment. Find areas for improvement thanks to the know-how and experience of our members. Submit, modify your ads to rent and discover the tips that allow community members to rent their spaces.

Thanks to the community, your car parks and garages will be listed on the internet to increase your chances of renting quickly. You can use all our letter, email and document templates and ask our team to create new ones. You can participate in webinars to discuss video-conferencing with other owners and get valuable advice. The forum will also allow you to obtain the opinion of other members to improve your daily rental management and reduce your taxes.

As you will have understood, your support is unlimited. From finding tenants to tips to boost your income, adapting to your expectations! Once you have boosted your rental income, your support will automatically evolve to the expert level in order to diversify your assets.

Your personalized support if you are an experienced investor:

➡ You will start your adventure by training (e-learning) to diversify my assets and learn to get out of your usual business model. Discover the different strategies that members use and develop other business models. Different modules will provide food for thought to improve your income and tax situation. You can participate in webinars to discuss video-conferencing with other investors and get valuable advice. The forum will also allow you to obtain the opinion of other members to boost your sources of income.

Once you are an entrepreneur who owns several profitable locations, you can develop other strategies to earn even more money; the only limit will be the one you set !

Success stories of some community members :

Christopher is the founding member of the Community of Investors in Parking lots and Garages (CIPG). A thirty-year old sales engineer who arrived in the parking niche by chance after a bad experience with rental property for residential use. It started investing in parking in 2012 with the purchase of a lot of 5 parking spaces. This jack-of-all-trades loves to diversify his investments. He has since bought back many garages, contracted a long-term lease and created a company. He acquired a warehouse and launched a storage activity for furniture storage, wintering of motorhomes, caravans and collection vehicles. Find out more about his career in our press kit.

After studying engineering and an MBA abroad, Oliver is now Marketing Manager in the industry. He has been interested in Parisian real estate for about twenty years; after starting with apartments and especially maids’ rooms. He acquired his first batch of 5 car parks 5 years ago. Following this first successful investment in car parks, it has increased its investment in car parks by focusing on underground parking spaces located in the Paris region. Car parks represent a diversification axis that allows the leverage effect of credit through the purchase of lots. It particularly appreciates the high yield, the absence of work to be carried out ; the lower risks of non-payment and the decorrelation between the evolution of car park prices and that of housing.

Community manager’s word :

A single owner will never have the hindsight to face all situations… It’s exchange and sharing of experiences of each member that constitutes our real strength. A good investment, whether real estate or financial, must be profitable in order to achieve your objectives. My wish is to provide you with some food for thought. I invite you to keep a critical eye out for the best decision based on your personal situation !

Our volunteers

We can warmly thank our volunteers for their motivation and the time given to our community that would not exist without them. Do you want to join the team ? Then contact us soon!

Logo équipe blog CIPG

Blog team

Composed of 4 volunteer members

Team members write the articles in our blog section. A director of the publication supervises the work.

Logo équipe forum CIPG

Forum team

Composed of 3 volunteer members

Team members organize and facilitate our community forum. A moderator oversees the work.

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Rental team

Composed of 2 volunteer members

Team members assist landlords in managing their rentals. They answer tenants' questions.

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Administrative team

Composed of 2 volunteer members

The members of the team are responsible for the administrative management and the creation of documents for the members.



He is responsible for the website and ensures the proper functioning of our exchange platform. He designs and develops the future modules that will help the members.



It monitors comments, classified ads, and comments left on our site and especially on our forum. Do not hesitate to contact him to report abuse.

Membre fondateur CIPG

Club manager

The manager ensures cross-functionality between the different teams. He or she is the guarantor of the cohesion and development of our community.