ERNMT diagnosis to rent or sell in France

Diagnostic ERNMT

What is the French ERNMT risk diagnosis

A french law, relating to the prevention of natural and technological risks, requires a diagnosis on property owners in France. The latter has established this document on the State of Natural, Mining and Technological Risks (ERNMT also called ERNT). The objective of this document is to inform future buyers or tenants of the different risks present in the area or the commune where a property is located. Every landlord is obliged to provide an updated risk diagnosis. The problem is that this document must be less than 6 months old to be considered as valid…

diagnostique ernmt

💡 Did you know : The ERNMT diagnosis must be compulsorily provided when selling a property, even for a parking lot, garage, cellar or storeroom.

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How write the perfect ad to rent or sell

Cahier, crayon, lunette et telephone

Writing the right ad that will allow you to rent or sell your property quickly is not an easy task… Here are some tips to help you stand out from the competition in the real estate market! We also share a study we conducted to tell you on which site you should post your ad to rent or sell for sure.

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Storage : can you store things in your garage ?

Peut-on entreposer des affaires dans son garage ?

Contrary to popular belief, you can’t store whatever you want in every garage! With the explosion of storage spaces and furniture storage, everyone wants to rent out their garage to make money. Some configurations can get you into a lot of trouble, whether you are a landlord or a tenant. The rules regarding storage change … Read more

Parking theft, protect to deterring thieves

Voleur visite effraction

Theft with or without breaking and entering a parking lot or garage has become commonplace. Do you know how many times a year your car park is visited for the purpose of scouting ? What to do in case of theft but above all how to secure access to the common car park, deter thieves and protect your garages, boxes and warehouses. This is the purpose of this article, to help you better understand the risks.

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Parkmatch : application of connected car parks !

Télécommande Parkmatch

You’ve probably already experienced it: parking in the city can become a real headache. Between going around the neighbourhood more than 15 times, traffic jams at peak times, expensive private car parks… but also FPS (post-parking packages) which have already reached many motorists !

📢 WARNING : you must not use the Parkmatch application anymore

Due to numerous reports of bad experiences, we recommend that you no longer use Parkmatch services ; click here to learn more.

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How to estimate the sale price or rent of a car park ?

Knowing how to estimate the sale price or the rent of your car park is very important, but for this reason a few parameters are important. Indeed, each car park has its own specificities, which complicates the estimation and makes the study difficult. This step is essential to have a good positioning on the market in order to find the right tenant or buyer.

It is necessary to define the specificities and the advantages of your location :

You must understand that the price depends on the market, more precisely on local supply and demand. This differs according to the particularities or characteristics of the site to be rented or sold.

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