What happens to my membership fee

Annual membership fee

Club’s annual membership fee

Why do I have to pay a contribution ?

Our community supports individuals who invest in parking and garage properties. By allowing them to interact with a community and access an information base based on the experience of investors. Our platform contains many strategies and advice that are unknown to everyone. To optimize your chances and thwart the curiosity of your tenants. Contribution of each member contributes to the running costs of the website, forum, exchange platform and the development of new modules. The objective of our club is to provide its members with appropriate assistance and advice to help them succeed in their investments in the parking lot real estate niche sector.

Why create different member statutes ?

Those who have been following our community since its creation in January 2013 know that we have exploded the number of memberships over the years. When we were less than fifty members, the volunteer team was able to advise everyone well. This was no longer the case when we passed the hundred members. We had to structure ourselves and propose different statutes to better meet everyone’s expectations.

Membership allows people to discover the real estate niche of garages for only $ 5 per month and take advantage of the training to buy your first car parks. The occasional support by email with a member of the team and access to the forum remains sufficient to meet the expectations of some first-time buyers or curious people.

Premium ✨ status is the intermediate level to meet the expectations of investors, first-time buyers or serious owners who wish to progress at their own pace. By unlocking this status, you will unlock different modules such as training to boost your profitability. Create and multiply your income with real estate !

Platinium💎 status will meet the expectations of those who really and quickly want to invest or diversify their investments by using the real estate niche of garages. By unlocking access to the entire content of the site, training and bonuses ; you will actually propel your projects ! 🚀 Regular telephone coaching with an expert will contribute to your success and ensure that your requests are given priority.

What happens to your money ?

Your money benefits the community, each contribution is divided into three parts. To finance the operating costs, support for members and development of our club.

What happens to my membership fee

We grant 82% of the total amount of membership fee to support members of the investment community. This common pot allows us to help members according to their needs. By creating new content to better advise you. If necessary, by calling upon real estate professionals (chartered accountant, notary, lawyer, etc.) to validate our articles and documents.

8% of the total amount of membership fee are grant to the development of our investment community. By selecting different advertising channels to make our club better known. We must maintain constant growth to feed the platform for exchanges with new topics.

We use 10% of the total amount of membership fee to cover the operating costs of our investment community. This part includes expenses related to the hosting costs of our website, forum, classified ads and exchange platform.

Be careful, if a person contacts you by phone or e-mail posing as a member of the Community of Investors in Parking lots and Garages and asks you directly for money or your login details. Never give personal or banking information by phone or email. Payment regularizations (subscription, service, etc…) are exclusively made from the secure part of our website : https://www.parking-garage.com.