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Our club operates on the principle of sharing experiences. We must constantly find new members in order to diversify our contents. That is why we…
Big city vs Small town

Investing : big city versus small town

Making a first investment in one or more parking spaces requires a precise study of prices and the geolocation of the spaces. CIPG’s investors discussed…

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Whether you are a first-time buyer or an investor, the community is there to advise you from the search for a property to the signing at the notary’s office.

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Take advantage of a community’s experience to avoid pitfalls and scams.


Save time when calculating the profitability and cash flow of a real estate project.


You are guided through the entire process of buying your property.

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Follow our methods to find the ideal property for your project.


Save time with our tool to evaluate the value of a property.

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Get valuable advice for a successful rental investment.

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Owner-lessor, the community is there to help you to rent well and simplify your rental management while boosting your profitability.

Boost your passive income

Discover strategies that work to boost your rental income.

Sample letters and documents

Validated by experts to carry out your rental management in total autonomy.


You are guided to find good tenants and manage your assets on your own.

Putting the law on your side

You will no longer be alone to deal with problems with your tenants or bad payers.

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Use our modules to manage your tenants and track your accounting.

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Get valuable tips for successful rental management and boost your income.

Are you part of our community of over 3,000 investors and landlords ?

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We put sellers in touch with investors free of charge and accompany you to make your real estate sale a success. Whether you are a private individual or a real estate professional, our platform is made to help you !

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The club accompanies you without taking any commission on your real estate sale.

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Follow trends to position your sale at the right time.


You are guided through the entire process of selling your property.

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You sell a property, let the investor community know about it !

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We will help you set up a strategy adapted to your future projects.

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A space dedicated to all the frequently asked questions about renting a car park, garage, box, cellar, warehouse or room.
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