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Among all the projects of community members, we selected investors. They have agreed to share their experiences with you, follow their adventures in all transparency. You will learn from their doubts while understanding the mistakes to avoid. We wish them success in their projects.

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Discover the last three articles published in the club's investors' blog. If you are a member of the community, don't forget to check the news section available from your personal space.


They have been joining the investment community in car parks and garages for several months, they are the ones who talk best about it :

  • « One site with all the right tools to succeed and manage your real estate. »

    Julian  - Membre de la communauté depuis décembre 2019.

  • « You can't imagine the courage you give to me, thank you! »

    Tessa  - Community member since may 2018.

  • « We see that we are not here on a commercial platform but on a collaborative site with members and not customers. »

    Andrew  - Community member since november 2016.

  • « Lots of good advice to glean in a true spirit of sharing. No mercantilism here and that's fine. »

    Philip  - Community member since september 2017.

  • « Thank you all for your contributions, the analyses are very informative and enlightening ! »

    Chloe  - Community member since january 2018.

  • « The quality/price ratio is exceptional, I am impressed by the quality of the unlocked content ! »

    Patrick  - Community member since march 2018.

  • « This community is particularly effective and serious, many thanks ! »

    Abbey  - Community member since may 2015.

  • « We had started a wintering operation that was struggling to get off the ground... Thanks to the club, the turnover is around $ 350 per month. »

    Ana  - Community member since january 2014.

  • « From the first visit, I was well advised... from the negotiation to the signing at the notary's office, the club was there to help me, thank you ! »

    Fred  - Community member since april 2014.

  • « Great investor's community where you don't have to buy training, everything is already included in the membership. »

    Tony  - Community member since january 2013.

  • « I greatly appreciate the community and win/win nature of your club. »

    Damian  - Community member since september 2018.

  • « I sold my lot of parking spaces thanks to the club and free of charge, thank you ! »

    Ann  - Community member from january 2015 to june 2016.

  • « I am learning on the job to manage a parking lot, it is a good idea to join a group to do things better in the future. »

    Francis  - Community member since march 2015.

  • « The bottom line is simple: club membership costs me only $ 5 per month and increases my monthly income. »

    Tayler  - Community member since february 2014.

  • « Un solo dueño no puede enfrentar todas las situaciones... La comunidad le ayudará. »

    Christopher  - Community's founding member.