What you need to know during the rental period

Tenant space, support and assistance :

What you need to know during the rental period

The support and assistance section of the tenant area contains all the frequently asked questions. On this page you will find everything you need to know when renting a car park or garage. With explanations and advice adapted to each case that may arise for you. If you do not find the answer to your question, I invite you to contact our team by clicking here.

How do I contact my owner ?

ℹ The quickest way to contact your landlord is to contact him or her at the phone number on your lease. If your owner is a member of the Parking Garage collective, you can contact us using the contact form. In the latter, you must select the recipient of your message from the available choices :
– Rental service (for all matters concerning your current or future rental),
– Executive office (for any request concerning documents),
CEO (if you have a problem that other services cannot solve).

How do I open an automatic door if my transmitter does not work ?

ℹ All automatic doors have a manual opening system with a crank handle.

1). Go to the automatic door and take the crank.

2). Locate the electric motor that opens the automatic door.

3). Lower the cover to access the crank hook.

4). Insert the crank handle into the hook provided for this purpose.

5). The lights indicate that the automatic door is in manual operation.

6). Turn the crank to open the door and get out of the vehicle.

Once the operation is finished, do not forget to remove the crank handle and close the access cover so that the door closes automatically.

What should I do if my parking opening remote control no longer works ?

ℹ In most cases it is simply necessary to replace the battery in the remote control. To do this, you must open the access hatch on the back of the remote control. We remind you that the maintenance related to the remote control battery is the responsibility of the tenant. If replacing the battery is not enough, you must make a request to your landlord to receive another remote control. For our tenant customers, we can replace the remote control battery for you. In the event of a breakdown, your owner will take the necessary steps to provide you with a new remote control in good working order as soon as possible; we inform you that you may be charged for these services.

I have lost my pedestrian access key to the common car park or to my garage, what should I do ?

ℹ You must make a request to your landlord to receive a new pedestrian access key. For our tenant customers, we will do our best to provide you with a key as soon as possible; we inform you that this service will be invoiced to you. Another solution for common access is to contact the trustee who manages the condominium in which your site is located, to purchase a new key.

What should I do if a vehicle occupies my parking space ?

ℹ First, try to get in contact with the owner of the vehicle in question. Explain that a lease stipulates that this space is allocated to you, and that he or she is therefore not allowed to park here. If you can’t find the owner, leave a note on the windshield. Our members’ tenants can report this problem to us by giving us all the information about this vehicle and its owner. We will observe the infringement on the spot, then we will try to help you to resolve this misunderstanding amicably. In the event that the situation does not improve, we will advise you on how to contact the competent authorities.

Can I sublet my parking space ?

ℹ You should check the terms and conditions of your lease, it is often stated that you cannot sublease. In the event of a problem in the co-ownership, the syndic will contact the owners who will have to be able to know their tenants; if the space is sublet it will be difficult for the owner to meet his obligations. We offer you a sample letter, validated by our legal expert, who can help you in this process with your landlord.

Charges, taxes, what must the tenant pay and what must the landlord pay ?

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How to effectively fight against humidity in a garage ?


I broke an element of my garage door

ℹ A part of the automated door is broken, if you are in a condominium the repair will be the responsibility of all owners. If any part of the garage door you rent is broken, you will need to repair it. The best solution is to do the work yourself to reduce your expenses. We have prepared a list of spare parts to repair a up-and-over, sectional, sliding and swing garage door.

When can I store things in my garage ?

ℹ The rule is sometimes indicated in the co-ownership regulations, you can ask your landlord for it. The legislation that comes into force is the standard for firefighting. It is very simple to store, storage furniture is NOT allowed when a garage is located in an underground car park or under residential buildings. Even if an owner authorizes it in case of fire, your liability may be engaged. So don’t take any chances !

Another tenant wants to switch places with me. We have the same owner, can he force me to change ?

ℹ No one can force you to change your parking space, as long as your location is clearly identified on your rental contract. If your landlord wishes to make this change without your agreement, he will have to break the lease between you in accordance with the termination clauses in the contract.

If the locations are not assigned through a number system or clearly identified in the lease, discussions with your landlord will have to be initiated to keep your place.

I have received a letter of formal notice for non-payment

ℹ A letter of formal notice is not a reminder or warning for non-payment of rent. For your landlord, this is the beginning of a process to recover funds. You have 15 days, in most cases to pay the amounts due to your landlord. After this period, justice will take over, bailiff’s intervention, compensation of your owner, etc…. The tenant in arrears has more to lose than to gain, we strongly recommend that you pay your landlord.

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