Technical issues

I encounter an anomaly while browsing the site

ℹ We advise you to empty the cache of your Internet browser, completely delete the browsing history and all cookies present in your browser. If you are using a cell phone or tablet, leave the mobile version of the site by clicking on the button at the bottom right of the page. Here is the procedure to follow depending on your internet browser :

  • Google Chrome : press the keys Ctrl + Maj + Delete.
  • Internet Explorer : perform the keystroke combination Ctrl + Maj + Delete, then check all the boxes and click the delete button.
  • Microsoft Edge : press the keys Ctrl + Maj + Delete, then check the data to be deleted.
  • Mozilla (Firefox) : perform the keystroke combination Ctrl + Maj + Suppr which opens a dialog box check all the boxes and press the button ok.
  • Opera : click on the button Opera at the top left, point the mouse to settings then click on preferences. In the privacy & security tab, scroll down to the bottom of the page (you will see Cookies displayed) click on keep local data until I exit my browser, then click on all cookies and site data and remove everything.
  • Safari : perform the keystroke combination command + option + E.

Another solution if you don’t want to erase all your browsing history is to pass your internet browser in private :

  • Google Chrome : press the keys Ctrl + Maj + N.
  • Internet Explorer : perform the keystroke combination Ctrl + Maj + P.
  • Mozilla (Firefox) : perform the keystroke combination Ctrl + Maj + P.
  • Opera : perform the keystroke combination Ctrl + Maj + N.
  • Safari : click on the top right on the toothed wheel then click on private navigation.

If the problem persists, we invite you to contact our webmaster explaining the problem encountered.

I don’t receive your emails or they arrive in my spam folder

ℹ It is possible that your mailbox may have put this email in your junk mail or spam folder. In order to avoid that our mails are not considered as undesirable, you must add our e-mail address to your address book. Here is the procedure to follow depending on your email service :

  • Free : you have to select our email and click on the button not spam and then add our email address in your contacts. Select our email address, right click and select add to contacts.
  • Gmail : you need to select our email and click on the non-spam button and then create a filter to approve us as a trusted sender. Click on the settings icon, select filters and blocked addresses and then create a filter. Enter our email address then click on create filter. Check the box never send in the Spam folder then click on create filter to validate.
  • Icloud (Iphone et Ipad) : you need to select our email by placing your finger on it, then drag it slowly to the left and select options. In the menu that appears, press move message and then press receive. To add us to your contact list, go to your inbox, open our e-mail and press our e-mail address until it changes color. From the drop-down menu that appears, select new contact and press OK.
  • Mail Apple (Mac) : you need to select our e-mail and click on the button place in the inbox. Select our e-mail in your inbox to open it. Right click with your mouse on our e-mail address and select add to contacts from the drop-down menu and click on validate.
  • Outlook live : you must select our email and click on the legitimate mail button and then approve us as a trusted sender. In the menu at the top right of the message, select the icon with 3 dots. In the drop-down menu, select add to approved senders. A message asking you to confirm appears, click OK.
  • Outlook Office : you need to select our e-mail and click on the gear button and select options. Select junk mail and then click on authorized senders. Enter our e-mail address then click + to validate.
  • Yahoo : you need to select our email and click on the not spam button then add us to your address book. Select our e-mail then click the icon with 3 dots. Click on add sender to contacts then enter our email address and click on the save button.

I have entered several wrong passwords, the member’s area is blocked

ℹ You must be a member of our club to access the member area and the exchange platform, I invite you to go to this page to validate your membership. You must also be up to date with your membership fee, i.e. access the site during the 12 months following your membership. An error message is displayed in red on the login page :

  • Incorrect user or password entered : means that there is an error in your username, e-mail address or password entered. You can follow our procedure to reset your account.
  • This account must be validated by an administrator : if you have just joined our club it is normal, each first membership must be validated manually. In general, try to log in a few hours after your registration. If you are already a member of the club, I invite you to contact the team to understand what is happening. Your access may be suspended for moderation reasons.

After several attempts with a wrong password, the system locks for a period of several days. From then on, we invite you to contact our webmaster so that we can do a manual operation and unblock you. Contact the team.

I received a suspicious e-mail from you

ℹ The e-mail you received is probably a phishing or phishing attempt. Here are two very simple tips to make sure that we are the originator of an e-mail :

  • Look at the sender’s e-mail address, it should end with or; if not you can delete it.
  • Pass your mouse over a link without clicking on it and you will see directly the content without having to click on it (at the very bottom of your browser bar). Check that the beginning of the site link points to one of our domains : , or ; if not you can remove it.

If you have a doubt about an e-mail, do not hesitate to forward it to us at

I can’t play the videos or the sound doesn’t work

ℹ First you need to make sure your player and speakers work by trying other video media you can find on Youtube. If the image is displayed correctly but you can’t hear anything, check that your speakers are not muted or the volume is too low. The sound button at the bottom of the video should have this symbol 🔊 ; the same goes for the button in the taskbar of your operating system (Windows, Linux or MAC). If this does not work, start by installing the latest version of Flash Player on your computer (which you can download here). Check that your computer is running the latest version of your browser (which you can update by following these links : Chrome ; Safari ; Firefox ; Opera or Internet Explorer. If it still doesn’t work, try installing another Internet browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

Video playback is jerky or stops

ℹ Close all other applications, tabs and windows on your browser that may slow down your internet connection. Click the ▶ play button then pause ⏸ and let the video load for a few minutes. The gray bar at the bottom of the player shows you the correct loading on your computer; this is essential if you have a slow internet connection.

Another solution to speed up the loading or playback of a video is to reduce the image quality by clicking on the ⚙ icon setting at the bottom of the video. Then click on the quality menu and reduce the quality. The image quality will be lower but the video will play more smoothly.

I did not find the answer to my question or report a bug

If you did not find the answer to your question or report a bug, leave us a comment using the form below. We will answer it as soon as possible !

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