Club of Investor in Parking lots and Garages
The community of private individuals specialising in parking lots, garages and storage facilities

Frequently asked questions

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❓ Why invest in real estate for parking lots and garages ?

ℹ A low initial investment, an almost non-existent maintenance cost, the law in favour of the owner, the arguments to convince you are very numerous. Read more.

❓ How analyse and purchase of a lot of garages?

ℹ We only respond to community members on email solicitations of this type. The best solution remains the use of the forum to receive feedback from other experienced investors in the community.

❓ Why join the community ?

ℹ Parking real estate cannot be improvised, there are many subtleties to know before you start. Exchanging with experienced people is essential to make a successful investment and earn money by reducing risk. The community will help you at every step of your project. Read more.

❓ Pourquoi payer une cotisation ?

ℹ La cotisation participe aux frais de fonctionnement du présent site internet, forum, plateforme d’échanges et aux futurs développements. Les cotisations des membres permettent également de faire intervenir des spécialistes (juriste, expert comptable, etc…) lorsque la communauté exprime un besoin. En savoir plus.

❓ What happens to the money in my membership fee ?

ℹ Your money benefits the community, each contribution is divided into three parts. To finance the operating costs, support for members and development of our collective. Read more.

❓ Why create different member statutes ?

ℹ Our volunteer team cannot advise everyone at the same time. The different statuses make it possible to define the level of expectation and support desired by each of you. Read more.

❓ Choose the right membership status for my situation ?

ℹ It is important to choose the right membership status as soon as you register. We have set up a module to help you choose your status according to your personal situation, click on the CIPG tab of the menu at the top of the page, then on the How it works tab. Read more.

❓ Can I change my status during the year ?

ℹ Yes, you can upgrade your membership and get new access at any time. Log in to the member area to unlock the site menu. Click on the My account tab of the menu at the top of the page, then click on the Extend my membership tab.

❓ Is there a limit on the number of exchanges with members ?

ℹ There are no limits, our community is based on the exchange and sharing of information between investors and owners. Remember that to be helped you must participate and answer questions from other members. Help others to be better supported !

❓ How to exchange by email with all the members of the community ?

ℹ To interact with all members of the community, you must use the site’s contact form. From the site menu at the top of the page, click on the CIPG tab, then on Contact us. Select the Members of the collective as recipients, write your message and click on Send button.

❓ How do I know the date of the next webinar?

ℹ You can find the date of the next webinar by clicking on the My account tab of the menu at the top of the page, then on the My support tab.

❓ Is it possible to pay the membership fee in several instalments ?

ℹ We do not accept payment in several times, this complicates our accounting management and generates significant costs. Our various contributions remain very low compared to the returns on investment obtained by our members, which justifies payment in a single time.

❓ How to set up an automatic renewal of membership fees ?

ℹ We can set up an automatic annual membership renewal using Paypal’s subscription function. You remain free to terminate the subscription whenever you wish from your Paypal account. Read more.

❓ What are the benefits of sponsorship ?

ℹ You can sponsor your relatives and acquaintances who are not yet registered in the community of investors and owners to accumulate several discount coupons.

❓ How to sponsor a person ?

ℹ Click on the My account tab of the menu at the top of the page, then click on the Refer a friend tab. Fill in the form by typing your email address with which you opened the account on our site, your personalized message, the email address of your friends or contacts to invite and then click on Send.

Puis-je parrainer autant dCan I sponsor as many people as I want ?

ℹ The number of godchildren is unlimited. The more you sponsor, the more you earn !

❓ I have sponsored but I have not received my sponsorship bonus

ℹ If you have sponsored someone and have not received your discount voucher, please contact us.