Transform parking space into closed box

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Why box, close his parking space ?

The boxing of a parking space consists in transforming a parking space into a closed garage. Depending on the layout of your space, you need to add two or three wall partitions and a swing or sliding door. You are the owner of a space in a communal car park and you want to transform it into a garage to boost profitability ? We will explain you all the steps to box a car park while respecting the rules for closing your parking space.

We questioned BOXAGE company, the specialist in the transformation of underground parking spaces into closed boxes, on the reasons why their clients box their car parks. The technical director told us the main reason.

Advantages of parking boxing

The main reason that leads a co-owner to box his parking space is to secure his vehicle or the goods stored inside in the case of a furniture repository. There are two aspects to securing the vehicle : theft and damage. A neighbour can be attentive and will easily kick the door of your car, once in a box there is no more risk !

The investors of our club also see other interests for this transformation into a box :

  • To increase the rental value of its location, a garage is at least twice as expensive as a simple parking space.
  • Improve the market value of the property in case of resale.

💡 Did you know that ?

Thanks to the boxing of a parking space, a club member increases the monthly rent from $ 25 to $ 70. This is a nice progression on his rental yield which will quickly amortize the improvement work !

Disadvantages of boxing

Any transformation project also brings some drawbacks.

  • It is necessary to make administrative steps with the syndic to box a car park.
  • Reduced manoeuvring space. With a traditional parking space it is possible to “bite” the white strip; this is no longer the case in a garage configuration at the risk of rubbing one’s car against the walls.

💡 Did you know that ?

Some compagnys accompanies its customers in all the steps and the first thing to do is to take measurements to see if the project is feasible. With them, boxing a pitch becomes child’s play !

The technical conditions defined by law

Before embarking on a car park boxing project. You must ensure that your space has all of the following technical requirements to be closed.

Property regulations limit the size of a garage to a maximum of two parking spaces, i.e. a maximum width of approximately 5 meters. The partitioning is made of solid masonry walls leaving the choice between the use of cellular concrete or solid cinder block. Metal partitions are prohibited by most fire safety regulations. The site must not have a natural ventilation grid towards the outside. Indeed, you cannot block a common ventilation easement.

Following the same logic, if you have an electrical panel, a fire protection element is present on your site. You will have to obtain the agreement of the co-ownership beforehand to have them moved. Pipes, water drains or electrical ducts must be located at least 2 meters from the ground to be able to box a place. Also if there is a water or heating cut-off valve in your car park ; you will have to give a copy of the keys to your garage door to the syndic to enable him to access it in the event of a visit or inspection. Obviously, it is useless to specify that you must be the exclusive owner of the parking space to be closed. Don’t forget that storage in an underground garage is sometimes prohibited. You can read our article on this subject for more information.

Steps to close its location with respect for all

  • Check that there is no clause prohibiting the closure of a parking space in the rules of the co-ownership.
  • Explain the situation to your pitch neighbours and get them to sign a boxing agreement.
  • Obtain the written agreement of your parking space neighbours. The BOXAGE company provides its clients with a model agreement between neighbours drawn up by their lawyer specialising in co-ownership law.
  • Request possibly a certificate of non-recourse against the voted resolution written by your syndic.
  • Obtain agreement to box your space at the general meeting of co-owners.
  • Do not start work immediately, wait for the legal deadline for contestation (2 months) after receipt of the Minutes of the general meeting.
  • Make a declaration of work to your town hall.
  • Carry out the work with respect for the other occupants. Minimum nuisance, cleanliness of the building site, quality of finish of the boxing…

💡 Did you know that ?

Your syndic of co-ownership is entitled to have the boxing dismantled at your expense. If it does not respect the legal rules… Make sure you are well accompanied to avoid disappointments.

How much does it cost to box a standard size pitch ?

The solid wall solution

Boxage de parking solution en mmurs pleins

Count between 2 500 € up to 3 500 € including tax for a solid construction in cellular concrete on 2 sides and a classic up-and-over door. Several members of our club have called upon a company that specialises in the conversion of basement car parks into closed boxes. The company assists private individuals, trade union councils, social landlords, developers, companies and administrations, from the initial project to the construction of the box.

Advantages of the solid wall solution

  • Enhanced security, a thief cannot see what is stored inside the box.
  • The structure adapts perfectly to the place.
  • The panels adapt to all terrains and technical constraints (piping, cabling …).
  • Fixing of elements and possible layout, you only need to use adapted dowels (type concrete dowels).
  • Possibility to modify the color (RAL color chart) of the paint applied to the walls.
  • Installation of grilles possible in the upper part for air passage and smoke evacuation (in conformity with the control offices).

Metal “sandwich” panels solution

boxage panneau sandwich metalliques

Fimad, a construction company of the Fipark Group, offers you a different solution for the construction of your boxes. This one adapts perfectly to the surface of your parking space, it is tailor-made ! The metal “sandwich” panels are full height, composed of 2 steel sides and a 40kg /m² polyurethane foam filling (B bs2d0 (M1) classification) with a thickness of 40 mm and a useful width of 1,000 mm. Fimad is also able to offer fire resistant panels of class M0 for High-rise buildings and Public Buildings.

Count on a budget of 3,000 € including tax to create a classic box of 2.5 m wide by 5 m deep (about 12 m²) ; in metal panels with a French-style swing door. A reduction may be granted depending on the quantity ordered. Travel expenses will be charged for any construction site outside France region.

The French-style swing door

This door model was developed by the FIMAD company in order to mitigate the problems of parking lot with constraints of difficult environments (badly placed evacuation, passing technical shaft, shifted beam…). Extremely resistant with its 2 mm steel tubular structure, it is available in all dimensions without any lower limit of width and height to suit all locations. Equipped with a double lock to adapt to an efficient rental management, this reinforced door will allow a better longevity of use. This door exists in a micro-perforated version to be compatible with smoke extraction constraints. It is available in all the colors of the RAL range.

Advantages of the solution in metal “sandwich” panels

  • Enhanced security, a thief cannot see what is stored inside the box.
  • Little weight constraint on the building structure. Indeed, a panel is much lighter than cellular concrete or cinder block, it is a safer solution for your parking slabs.
  • The structure adapts perfectly to the place.
  • Quick to assemble and disassemble, placed on U-shaped rails fixed to the floor and ceiling, the panels slide inside. Count 1 week to build 70 boxes.
  • Little nuisance during the work.
  • The panels adapt to all terrains and technical constraints (piping, cabling …).
  • Fixing of elements and possible layout, only adapted dowels (Molly or Insert dowels type) must be used.
  • Possibility to change the finishing color (RAL color chart).
  • Installation of grilles possible in the upper part for air passage and smoke evacuation (in accordance with the control offices).

The wire mesh solution

fermer boxer parking solution grillage

Count between 1 000 € up to 2 000 € including tax to create a mesh box with a swinging mesh door. This boxing solution is the most affordable but still the least efficient. Indeed, the mesh only half secures the vehicle parked inside. In the case of a storage space, the belongings are not out of sight. This solution is also more fragile and less durable over time.

Advantages of the wire mesh solution

  • Little weight constraint on the building structure. Indeed, a wire mesh is much lighter than cellular concrete or cinder block.
  • The structure adapts perfectly to the place.
  • Quick assembly and disassembly with floor and ceiling attachment.
  • Little nuisance during the work.
  • The panels adapt to all terrains and technical constraints (piping, cabling …).
  • Possibility to change the finishing color (RAL color chart).

Disadvantages of the wire mesh solution

  • Safety is not optimal because a thief can see what is stored inside the box.
  • The return on investment / installation price ratio is not great.
  • A garage made of wire mesh is much cheaper than a permanent garage.

Change in the amount of expenses

In 70 % of the cases of car park boxing, the amount of the charges does not increase. Nevertheless, the amount of your charges may change once the transformation into a garage is completed. Since the calculation of your co-ownership fees may change. Ask your syndic to know how your share is calculated. Rest assured, if the rental income is multiplied by two, the charges do not follow this logic. Usually the increase in charges is around 25 %.

How long does it take to transform a parking into a garage ?

It takes about 4 months to build boxes from co-ownership parking spaces and 2 months outside co-ownership. The longest stage remains administrative, in co-ownership, the legal deadline for contesting is 2 months after receipt of the Minutes of the general meeting accepting the transformation. Two additional months are necessary to coordinate all phases of the boxing work. The first step is to check the dimensions of your site and accurately measure the needs in order to order the necessary equipment. The modification itself does not take much time, allow 1 to 2 weeks.

Boxing done without permission

It is not uncommon for owners to box their garage without permission. This transformation remains risky since the syndicate of co-ownership can put you on notice to destroy the partitions. Sometimes, the general meeting of co-owners can ratify the work a posteriori. The majority of conflicts between co-owners are settled amicably, however you run the risk of being held liable in the event of a problem.

Another more economical alternative to secure your site

barriere stop parking 1

If you simply want to prevent another vehicle from occupying your parking space, the most economical and easiest solution is to install a removable padlockable barrier. You will also have to ask for the written agreement of the syndic of co-ownership, before investing in this barrier. This formality is very quick and much easier to obtain than the boxing of a square. Count approximately 80 € and 6 holes in the concrete to install this system.

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