What you need to know to end the lease

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The support and assistance section of the tenant area contains all the frequently asked questions. On this page you will find everything you need to know to end the rental of a car park or garage. With explanations and advice adapted to each case that may arise. If you do not find the answer to your question, I invite you to contact our team by clicking here.

How do I terminate a lease for just cause ?

ℹ Legitimate cause is a mitigating circumstance established by law for terminating a lease. It is an unforeseeable fact such as :

  • death,
  • long-term hospitalization,
  • disability or serious illness,
  • over-indebtedness,
  • loss of employment,
  • the move,
  • imprisonment.

You can download our sample letter of termination of a lease for just cause here.

How do I terminate a lease that is tacitly renewed ?

ℹ Tacit renewal refers to a legal mechanism whereby a lease is automatically renewed at the end of its normal term unless one of the parties stipulates otherwise. This renewal does not imply any formality. It is renewed for a period identical to that initially chosen.

You can download our sample letter of termination of a lease contract in tacit renewal here.

My landlord cancelled my lease

ℹ There must be a good reason why your landlord has terminated your rental agreement. The most common reasons are :

  • the non-payment of rents or the recurrent delay in honouring rents or charges,
  • the owner wishes to recover his property in order to sell it or rent it to someone else (only in the case of tacit lease renewal),
  • you have breached a clause in the lease agreement.

Failure to pay rent may result in the termination of a lease and entitle the landlord to compensation from the landlord. If the landlord starts proceedings against you, you risk paying bailiff’s fees and court costs in addition to the sums due. In this case, your landlord has sent you a summons specifying the non-payment of the rent and indicating a deadline for regularisation.

We invite you to remain vigilant on the payment of your rentals to date.

Another parking space would suit me better, is it possible to change ?

ℹ If another place becomes available and you want to take advantage of it, you can find a common ground with your landlord/landlord. A new lease will have to be established, negotiate it without any file fees if you go through a real estate agency. You will be able to change places at the beginning of the month following your request.

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