Parkmatch : application of connected car parks !

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You’ve probably already experienced it: parking in the city can become a real headache. Between going around the neighbourhood more than 15 times, traffic jams at peak times, expensive private car parks… but also FPS (post-parking packages) which have already reached many motorists !

Finding a parking space in big cities can now become child’s play !

Now, thanks to Parkmatch, you can park safely in a private home. The main objective of this application is to connect landlords and tenants in a simple, and above all very effective way ! Are you a homeowner ? In this case you just have to register your parking at Parkmatch. Then add a short description, some pictures, the desired price and you’re done! Parkmatch recommends a price according to the area in which the car park is located, but it is you who decide the final price.

Are you a driver ? Then enter the address where you want to find a car park and make a reservation request in the car park closest to your destination. Once in contact, owners and drivers meet for a site visit. To validate the monthly subscription, the owner will exchange the parking accesses for a 4-digit code given to him by the driver. Everything else is done on the application : payment is integrated, contracts are automated, insurance is included. Anyway, Parkmatch takes care of everything! In addition to facilitating this rental process, Parkmatch helps users find the car park of their dreams, to limit as much as possible the constraints that a search for car park rental can generate !

100% connected car parks !

It’s also possible to receive the universal remote control developed by Parkmatch which allows the driver to access the car park without any handing over the access! It therefore allows the opening of car parks, and this, without any prior installation on your gate. So you can rent your place, even though you are already sipping your cocktail on the beach.

This remote control is all the more useful for a reservation of a few hours; for a day’s work, or to go shopping, for example. Thanks to Parkmatch, you can share your parking space or garage at any time and in a fully automated way. If you would like more information about Parkmatch and how the remote control works, here is an explanatory video :

Beginning story :

In 2016, two students from EM Lyon in France, Clément Favier and Romain Fournier, came up with the idea of developing this application, where it is possible to rent a car park, a box or a garage. They found that during peak hours in major franch cities such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille, or Bordeaux, motorists took an average of 30 minutes to find a parking space. They are therefore responsible for about 20% of CO2 emissions in the city centre.

At the same time, they identified a shortage of parking spaces in cities, while many private car parks remained unused. The reduction in public car parks and an increase in parking fines since the introduction of the FPS (post-parking package) are all factors that encourage motorists to park in private car parks. You now have all the cards in hand to park in less than 5 minutes !

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