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What you need to know before renting a car park, garage or storage space

The support and assistance section of the tenant area contains all the frequently asked questions. You will find in this page everything you need to know before renting a car park, garage or box. With explanations and advice adapted to each case that may arise for you. If you do not find the answer to your question, I invite you to contact our team by clicking here.

Do I have to sign a contract or lease to rent a space ?

ℹ To rent a storage box, a rental contract is required to protect you and the content you store. The signing of a lease for a parking space or garage is not mandatory since parking assets are managed by the Civil Code. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended to draw up a rental contract with the landlord in order to protect both parties in the event of a dispute and to define the obligations of the tenant and the landlord. You can submit our free rental agreement template to your landlord if he or she has no plans.

The owner must complete and draft the lease, which will be read and approved by the prospective tenant and signed in duplicate by both parties.

Some terms are said to be unfair and therefore prohibited : (refer to your country law)
• Authorization to deduct the rent from the tenant’s salary,
• Requires payment of rent by direct debit from the current account,
• Engages the collective responsibility of the tenant in the event of damage to the common areas,
• Impinging on freedom of use : prohibition of the use of an elevator or main staircase,
• Imposes an insurance company on the tenant for the subscription of a contract,
• Implies costs on cashing cheques, booking fees or closing the file.

When, by mistake, a lease contains an unfair term, it is considered null and void. This means that the tenant does not have to comply with it. Nor does he need to bring an action to request cancellation since these clauses are deemed non-existent.

A landlord is free to write and attach an inventory of fixtures even for a parking lot.

We remind you that when the lease is signed from one person to another, the law does not authorize the landlord to invoice the tenant for this act. If you rent from a company or real estate agency, a lease set-up fee may apply.

Which documents are required to rent a car park, garage, storage box ?

ℹ As a general rule, landlords most often ask tenants to have incomes greater than 3 times the amount of rent and charges for a dwelling. The advantage for a parking lot is that the monthly rent is very often low. For a storage facility, prices are generally higher since the service sometimes includes insurance and additional security options. Nevertheless, the main criterion for a landlord who chooses a car park tenant remains solvency.

Here is a list of additional documents that your future owner may ask you to provide :
• Proof of identity (identity document, passport or driving licence),
• Proof of residence (tax statement),
• Last three rent receipts for your dwelling if you are a tenant or a certificate from your landlord who owns the dwelling,
• Certificate from the previous parking landlord indicating that you are up to date with your rents and charges,
• Last property tax notice or, failing that, a title deed to your principal residence,
• Copy of the employment contract (fixed-term or permanent contract),
• Copy of the professional card for a liberal profession,
• Any recent document attesting to the activity for the other professions,
• Copy of the last two or three pay slips,
• Proof of payment of allowances, pensions, pensions, social and family benefits and allowances received during the last three months,
• Proof of income from land, life annuities or income from securities and movable capital.

In accordance with current legislation, do not provide documents that infringe your privacy ; for example :
• Your bank statement,
• A copy of your wedding contract or a certificate of cohabitation,
• An extract from your criminal record.

Remember that a landlord of a parking lot must ask you to provide the following documents after signing the lease :
• Copie du certificat d’immatriculation du véhicule concerné pour justifier que vous en êtes bien le propriétaire,
• Justification d’une assurance à une compagnie contre les risques d’incendie et de responsabilité civile.

Remember that a landlord of a storage facility must ask you to provide the following documents after the lease is signed :
• Copy of your identity document,
• Justification of insurance coverage to a company against fire and liability risks.

The law prohibits, under penalty of prosecution, discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, political opinion, morals or sex of the applicant. Similarly, an unscrupulous tenant who has provided forgeries is liable to criminal sanctions and the landlord may demand the cancellation of the lease in court.

What is a security deposit ?

ℹ The security deposit, or surety, is a sum of money given to the landlord by the tenant at the signing of the lease. It allows the lessor to protect himself against damage or non-payment. Unlike rental contracts for housing, the amount of the security deposit is not capped for parking lots. This deposit is kept by the owner for the entire duration of the lease, it is recalled that the lessor has the right to collect the security deposit. In most cases, this amount corresponds to one or two months’ rent plus the possible cost of an access beep that opens the automatic door to a shared car park. There is no legislation requiring the payment of a security deposit, its payment must be expressly provided for in the lease agreement.

The security deposit can under no circumstances be considered as an advance on charges or rent. The total return of the security deposit must be made within a maximum period of one month from the date of the tenant’s departure. The landlord may make a partial or total deduction from the security deposit if there are unpaid rents or charges, as well as if he has noticed deterioration attributable to the tenant. In co-ownership, the landlord may keep part of the security deposit until he receives the annual expenses statement. In the event of significant damage, the owner has the right to request a supplement from the tenant. It is recalled that when the security deposit has been returned to the tenant, it definitively closes the accounts and implies a waiver of any subsequent claims.

What are the terms of payment for rents for a car park or garage ?

Payment by bank transfer :
This payment method can arrange for your landlord. For example, some members of the collective allow their tenants an additional 5 days to set up a direct deposit. This arrangement must be specified in writing in the specific clauses of the lease. The transfer must be made to your landlord’s account.

Cash payment :
It is strongly discouraged to pay your rent in cash, you will be poorly protected in case of dispute.

Payment by credit card or PayPal :
Before the due date indicated on the lease for payment of rent.
Your landlord must have a specific account to receive payments by credit card, do not forget that some banks charge fees for this type of payment.

⚠ Beware of cash mandate scams :
False landlords may ask you to send money by cash money order to book a rental. Under no circumstances should you send money by cash client.

What should I do with my insurance ?

ℹ If you rent a covered parking space, the co-ownership is insured; however, you must present your landlord with proof of insurance for the parked vehicle. In addition, our group strongly recommends that you ask your insurance company if you are covered in the event of a fire caused by your vehicle, which would automatically incur your liability. If you rent a garage or box to park a vehicle, you must ask your insurance company if your home insurance policy covers the use of a closed garage or have it added to the policy.

In the case of a storage or storage space, you must take out specific insurance to be well protected in the event of a problem. It is also possible to ensure the value of the content to obtain a better refund. In most cases, you can attach a storage box to your home insurance policy (if the surface area is less than 322.91 square feet (30 m²), which corresponds to more than 164.96 square feet (60 m3). Adding the option to your home contract will cost you less than the insurance offered by the storage facility.

How many square meters for a storage box, furniture storage ?

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You offer an online booking service, can you explain it to me ?

ℹ If your landlord has activated the online reservation module for his spaces, you can book your parking directly from our website and make a payment by credit card. We will contact you by phone to validate it and arrange an appointment to sign the rental contract.

How do I know when one of your locations becomes available ?

ℹ We suggest you add yourself to our waiting list, as soon as a parking space becomes available, you will be informed by email or phone. To subscribe to our waiting list, contact us and tell us which parking lot you are interested in.

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