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They have been joining the investment community in car parks and garages for several months, they are the ones who talk best about it :

  • « One site with all the right tools to succeed and manage your real estate. »

    Julian  - Membre de la communauté depuis décembre 2019.

  • « You can't imagine the courage you give to me, thank you! »

    Tessa  - Community member since may 2018.

  • « We see that we are not here on a commercial platform but on a collaborative site with members and not customers. »

    Andrew  - Community member since november 2016.

  • « Lots of good advice to glean in a true spirit of sharing. No mercantilism here and that's fine. »

    Philip  - Community member since september 2017.

  • « Thank you all for your contributions, the analyses are very informative and enlightening ! »

    Chloe  - Community member since january 2018.

  • « The quality/price ratio is exceptional, I am impressed by the quality of the unlocked content ! »

    Patrick  - Community member since march 2018.

  • « This community is particularly effective and serious, many thanks ! »

    Abbey  - Community member since may 2015.

  • « We had started a wintering operation that was struggling to get off the ground... Thanks to the club, the turnover is around $ 350 per month. »

    Ana  - Community member since january 2014.

  • « From the first visit, I was well advised... from the negotiation to the signing at the notary's office, the club was there to help me, thank you ! »

    Fred  - Community member since april 2014.

  • « Great investor's community where you don't have to buy training, everything is already included in the membership. »

    Tony  - Community member since january 2013.

  • « I greatly appreciate the community and win/win nature of your club. »

    Damian  - Community member since september 2018.

  • « I sold my lot of parking spaces thanks to the club and free of charge, thank you ! »

    Ann  - Community member from january 2015 to june 2016.

  • « I am learning on the job to manage a parking lot, it is a good idea to join a group to do things better in the future. »

    Francis  - Community member since march 2015.

  • « The bottom line is simple: club membership costs me only $ 5 per month and increases my monthly income. »

    Tayler  - Community member since february 2014.

  • « Un solo dueño no puede enfrentar todas las situaciones... La comunidad le ayudará. »

    Christopher  - Community's founding member.