How does it work ?

Step 1

Submit your ad

Place an ad to rent or your property, it’s 100% free even for real estate professionals.

Step 2

Rental request

The tenant contacts the landlord to reserve the pitch or make an appointment to visit the property.

Step 3

Contract, handing over the keys

The landlord meets with the tenant to have the tenant sign the rental agreement and give him the keys and the beeper. The rental starts !

The module for club members :

Step 1

Create a showcase card

Create a showcase listing in a few clicks to reference your property on the internet.

Step 2

Rental request

A future tenant clicks on the online booking button on the window page that presents pitches. A video of virtual visit can be made available.

Step 3

Payment by credit card

The tenant pays the first month’s rent and a possible deposit online to reserve a pitch. Secure payment by Paypal on the owner’s account.

Step 4

Signature of the contract

The parties sign the rental contract online from our platform. The contract is personalized for each case. The electronic signature is certified.

Step 5

Handing-over of the keys

The landlord sends the access information with beep and key. Either during an appointment on the spot or via a postal dispatch by tracked letter.

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