Driving assistance: which help to choose Coyote or Waze


Members of our club have tested two driving aid applications for you: Coyote and Waze. Find out which one should accompany you on your daily journeys.

Waze community

100% free application, Waze is by far one of the best GPS applications for Iphone and Android. Based on the principle of community sharing, users benefit from a lot of live information during their journeys.

waze appli de navigation sociale

The operation is very simple: users drive and share what they see… Slowdown, traffic jam, accident, works, broken down vehicle, blocked road, object on the road, police control, everything is updated by the wazers.

After 6 months of use, we have listed the main advantages of the service offered by Waze :

  • there is no subscription : everything is free !
  • the high accuracy of the alerts which allow to change the route in case of delay,
  • the updating of the maps is permanent and free,
  • It is possible to integrate routes and plan them in advance,
  • operates in many European countries.

Coyote Community

The operation remains the same as at Waze, the community rolls up and shares what they see … Traffic jams, slowdowns, accidents, works, broken down vehicles, blocked roads, objects on the road, police checks, mobile radars and risk areas, everything is updated by Coyote scouts.

After 6 months of use, we have listed the main advantages of the service offered by Coyote :

  • the subscription is $ 5 per month for a 12-month commitment,
  • Coyote software gives you an indicator of scout reliability,
  • even well hidden gendarmes are reported…
  • integration of mobile, onboard and red light radars,
  • unlike Waze, the box does not need a telephone network to work, thanks to the GPS the help is permanent,
  • operates in many European countries.

Finally, there are only advantages to using both applications : Coyote and Waze during your daily trips. 100% legal, they will help you to avoid risk areas and radar checks. We have a preference for Coyote, the subscription justifies the advantage of never losing the network. So why deprive yourself of it: visit the official Waze website and the official Coyote website !

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