Review of the year 2016 : a word from the collective’s leader


I will start my traditional review by telling you about good resolutions for 2017. The current economic situation has made our site a reference for all those who want to make money. The year 2016 will have seen some great successes among our members, starting from nothing, some of them have come out of the woodwork either to create additional income with parking lots or to build a professional future by being their own bosses as managers of parking lots and garages. I feel like telling you why it wouldn’t be your turn in 2017 ?

I cannot present the balance sheet of the year 2016 without telling you about our beautiful community, that’s why, I will start by warmly thanking the many donors who have allowed us to create new modules and to carry our future developments, which I will tell you about a little further on … Without members our collective would not exist: so thank you for your initiatives, your good mood, but especially your questions that represent the real wealth and constantly feeds our platform! When we passed the milestone of about thirty members, I understood that we had to take a real turn and better structure our volunteer team. I’m going to wink at our grumpy members who will recognize themselves ? I know that the new modules and content can’t come fast enough.

If you would like to help us, don’t hesitate to join our team or become an ambassador.

The main challenge for 2016

This year we had to face many difficulties, which in the end are good problems, a very high traffic on the website has forced us to review the overall structure to properly orient each visitor. I can guarantee you that our webmaster (the member in charge of the development of the site) spent several sleepless nights and so did I! This is the problem of being salaried, we have to find free time to take care of the collective and I will thank in passing the companions of the team members for their support. We are still working on some improvements but we like to question ourselves, each new idea of improvement is good to take, so do not hesitate to leave us your opinion by clicking here.

We had a lot of fun creating a very telling graph, the peak in membership we experienced in 2015 was reflected in 2016, not to mention all the visitors who visit our site every day !

As you can see, the team spends a lot of time answering the many questions we receive… I can already see some members of the collective are worried by reading this, I reassure you, we set up a filter by email address at the beginning of January which will allow us to prioritize our answers. Everyone will receive a reply, but I am obliged to set up a system to give priority to members and their tenants who will be identified thanks to the new rental management module.

In the hope of relieving our mailboxes and thus be able to answer more quickly to all your questions, I will answer the recurring requests: We are often asked how we can offer all these modules with a simple monthly fee of 5 € which to optimize bank charges is paid in one go, i.e. 60 € for 12 months. However, the answer is obvious, our collective has the sole vocation of creating a platform for exchanges to enable individuals to meet virtually and to tackle the vast subject of investment in car parks and garages. Our site is managed and maintained by our members, which allows us to keep membership fees as low as possible, which only serve to cover management costs and our future developments. To quote a member: “it’s great, we are a community and not a commercial platform like other sites”. So join us and you will see that we will really help you succeed in your investment projects !

At the risk of disappointing some of our readers, we don’t offer training since I don’t see the point of selling media when the best way to learn is to participate in the life of our collective. The main tool is our platform which allows you to find the answers to all your questions and to ask for advice on concrete cases using the forum. Many members have already bought books or trainings on parking and garage investment and they join our community since theory is not enough, it is practice and discussions on concrete cases on a daily basis that really makes people autonomous.

Today you have all the tools to succeed and invest in car parks

The past year has allowed us to multiply the tools on our site to help our investor members. Now, I am pleased to announce that you will find all the indispensable tools: articles, documents, discussion forums, investor reports… All you have to do now is participate in the discussions and get started to make your projects a reality !

Top 3 most active members

Warm congratulations to 🥇 Terry, the most active member of the year who wins the $ 20 gift voucher ; not forgetting 🥈 Tony in second place who wins the $ 15 voucher and 🥉 Fred who will receive a voucher worth $ 10.

The new modules to help you succeed in your investment

Now that we have a new member in charge of our forum, we have launched a new version which is online since the end of December, I invite you to visit it by clicking here. I don’t want to clutter the forum with uninteresting topics, questions with only one answer referring to an article from our blog or the exchange platform. The new topic submission is done via the contact form so that our team can give you a direct answer or create a new request to all members and involve the whole community and now visitors to the site on certain topics.

Due to the success of our questionnaire to determine your investor profile, we need to review the module that presents profiles of the current real estate market. We will take the opportunity to improve the table that allows us to rate parking lots by offering a real comparison with the properties of the owners of the collective.

A new version of the member’s area is under development, simpler and more personalized, it will save you time while keeping you informed. The module that allows the team to manage the site will also be redesigned and a new module will allow bloggers to create an affiliate program.

My objective for the coming year is to make the collective grow to increase exchanges and the learning level of each one, the community module will be further improved. The interactive map of France already allows you to display the members close to you, but we want to go even further and organize other types of discussions or meetings .

I know that the SCI module is eagerly awaited and that many of our readers will sign up en masse when this module is released, which will be 100% free for members. The module was ready in October but before its release I wanted to exchange with a few members who work in SCI and all of them regret having made this assembly! That’s when I realized that the Real Estate Civil Society is a fashion phenomenon, just like company set-ups, everyone is launching out and it seemed to me essential to inform you instead of making a promotion when the majority of the members are in regret… But we have several members on the go and it will be released in 2017 !

The new mobile version of the site is currently being tested by a handful of our readers. They will receive a gift to thank them for their participation. We plan to make several updates before it goes online, I think it will be available to everyone by the middle of the year. If you haven’t been informed about this test campaign, now is the time to look in your junk mail and certify us. The best way to receive some preview information and participate in our new developments is to contact us.

I think you will have understood that we still have some nice things to put in place. More surprise features will be added to this list to enhance everyone’s experience, I promise !

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