Transform parking space into closed box

boxage, boxer place de parking

Profit : 💰💰💰💰⚫️ | Risk : 🔴🔴🔴⚫️⚫️ | Discover other strategies by joining the club ! Why box, transform, close your parking space ? Boxing a parking space is to transform a parking space into a closed garage. Depending on the location of your parking space, you need to add two or three wall partitions … Read more

Invest, buy a parking lot, garage or box

Epargne et tirelire

Not every good investor will put all his eggs in one basket. You must diversify your investments (bank, life insurance, stock market, real estate, etc…) to earn as much income as possible. Investing in stone is still the mandatory step in building a solid estate. The advantage is that there are many variants: paper stone (SCPI), studio, apartment, commercial walls, offices, retirement home room, warehouse, parking, garage or box.

Why invest in a car park, garage or storage space

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How to succeed in overcoming the crisis linked to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) ?

préparer les sortie de crise Covi-19

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented global crisis. The coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, is disrupting our lives and causing the global economy to collapse. We must all pay tribute to the medical personnel who do extraordinary work every day.

It’s sad to say but our club has never been so busy. You have understood that this is the right time to invest ! It’s a good thing that the team members work in the office at home and some of us are on short-time work. This allows us to answer and correct the exercises in our training modules. Training courses to buy your first car parks and boost your rental yields have never seen such activity before. What a pleasure it is to see the achievement badges light up in our member tracking board. Congratulations to the motivated members, you will be a hit when the crisis is over !

Tableau de bord

Presentation of achievement badges that track the progress of each club member.

How to prepare well for the end of the crisis ?

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Parking theft, protect to deterring thieves

Voleur visite effraction

Theft with or without breaking and entering a parking lot or garage has become commonplace. Do you know how many times a year your car park is visited for the purpose of scouting ? What to do in case of theft but above all how to secure access to the common car park, deter thieves and protect your garages, boxes and warehouses. This is the purpose of this article, to help you better understand the risks.

A high frequency of spotting in car parks

Every owner of car parks, garages, boxes or warehouses is one day confronted with theft. The latest fashion is to steal car parts: you arrive in the morning to leave for work and you are missing a door, wheels, or lights… Arrested thieves don’t risk much. Many websites allow you to resell parts quickly and discreetly.

Police officers interviewed confirm that parking lots and garages are visited. Just to keep track of vehicle models and colors. Several members of our club have had this unpleasant experience and dreaded it. Indeed, we have noticed that one out of two tenants think of leaving their location after a theft. With a risk of losing 50 % of your occupants, we had to advise and teach you how to secure your parking lots.

How to protect your property and deter thieves

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Investing : big city versus small town

Big city vs Small town

Making a first investment in one or more parking spaces requires a precise study of prices and the geolocation of the spaces. CIPG’s investors discussed whether it would be better to invest in parking lots in big city or in small town. Here are some answers to help you :

Investing in big city : you need to know the market

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Simulator for calculating real estate profitability

Explanation of profitability simulator

A simple simulator to calculate a property profitability

documents excel à télécharger

Our simulator for calculating profitability before purchase allows you to quickly know if a property is worth it. The annual net profitability of a property is calculated by taking into account notary fees, all property taxes and charges, rental income, you can even simulate your net net profitability. Used by many members, this document is the essential tool to select a car park or garage before investing. The file is a table in Microsoft Excel format, you can use this calculator under Windows, Mac or Linux. Document that can be used on a mobile phone or tablet during an appointment with the seller or banker. This document template is free of use.

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Parkmatch : application of connected car parks !

Télécommande Parkmatch

You’ve probably already experienced it: parking in the city can become a real headache. Between going around the neighbourhood more than 15 times, traffic jams at peak times, expensive private car parks… but also FPS (post-parking packages) which have already reached many motorists !

📢 WARNING : you must not use the Parkmatch application anymore

Due to numerous reports of bad experiences, we recommend that you no longer use Parkmatch services ; click here to learn more.

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16 garages for sale, analysis of this lot

Simulation de la rentabilite du lot de garages a Decises Charpieu

Presentation of the property :

garage battery for sale

We have identified a lot of 16 garages for sale. To invest in a lot of garages, you must ask the seller for a copy of the current rental contracts to check the amount of rent received but also the exact number of garages rented. Considering the exceptional geographical situation of this property, near a large city. We know that a rent around $ 93 per month and per garage is not crazy. There are few garages for rent at the moment, but you shouldn’t overestimate the rents. The income indicated by the seller of $ 1500 per month is realistic. The property tax for a 7 276 sq ft plot of land is in line with the averages observed in this sector.

The photos reveal a fibrocement roof that may contain asbestos. This is a negative point that could lead to major work for the buyer in the coming years.

Have you noticed how the seller places foot calls in his ad ? Building land in the city centre, possibility to build a house or loft…. We will study the profitability and tell you what the seller really has in mind. The elements of some ads show the intentions of the sellers. Learning to discover what is hidden between the lines saves valuable time for experienced investors. Why should an investor who wishes to buy a lot of garages not position himself on this property ?

Profitability analysis, value of the lot of garages for sale:

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An opportunity to become a real estate annuitant

simulation rentabilite lot de garages

Becoming a real estate annuitant is the dream of many people. Today we present you with a set of garages that can allow you to drop your work ! The package presented to you offers the possibility of generating $ 5 000 in gross income per month. With a gross income of $ 60 000 per year, there is enough to stop working and live comfortably on your pensions.

The ratio between total gross income and net income is interesting because the expenses are low. Discover the profitability study of this lot of garages and became maybe a real estate annuitant.

How much money does it take to become an annuitant

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